Due to the spread of covid-19, the planned conference in Vienna will be replaced by a webinar 13 - 14 May. The focus will still be on the student as researching artist and the use of technology in higher music education.

Save the date: May 13 - 14, 2020

LATIMPE Platform 2020 Poster

The conference topic

How does the introduction of digital tools in higher music education affect students’ learning? In what ways can the use of digital tools improve student-oriented, student-active and student-centred learning?

In October 2018, LATIMPE hosted the first Learning & Teaching Platform at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. LATIMPE now proudly welcomes teachers, students and researchers to participate in the second edition of the platform. The platform is organised partly together with the SWING-project that investigates long-distance learning in music. Learning and teaching perspectives on the digitisation process will be one of the central subjects in this event.

Looking at digitisation from a learning perspective offers particular opportunities, while at the same time bringing challenges to the table, not the least for the teacher or facilitator of the learning process. There are many questions that deserve to be raised, and we would like to stage as many as possible of them at the LATIMPE platform 2020. Hopefully, we might also find some answers that can inspire and support us to take one or even more steps towards new innovative, effective and convenient forms of learning and teaching how to perform music.

The programme

The programme for the webinar will be launched in the beginning of April.



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