LATIMPE's main task is to explore and discuss new models of learning and teaching in higher music education.

See Susanne van Els presenting the work of the Learning and Teaching group.

LATIMPE (platform for Learning And Teaching In Music Performance Education) is operated by one of eight working groups in the project Strengthening Music in Society. The working group includes the following members:

  • Jon Helge Sætre – CEMPE, Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo (Chair)
  • Stefan Gies – AEC (Co-chair)
  • Susanne van Els – Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Cardiff
  • Siri Storheim – Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo (Student representative)
  • Lars Brinck – Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen
  • Anna Maria Bordin – Conservatorio Paganini Genova
  • Karine Hahn –  Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon
  • Ellen M. Stabell – CEMPE, Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo (Working Group Coordinator)

Working group Learning and Teaching

From our second working group meeting in Barcelona at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in September 2018. Back from left to right: Jon Helge Sætre, Susanne van Els, Stefan Gies, Siri Storheim and Lars Brinck. Front from left to right: Ellen M. Stabell, Anna Maria Bordin and Karine Hahn.

In the first phase, LATIMPE aims to:

  • facilitate institutional networks in the global field of music performance education
  • gather information on and investigate learning and teaching practices in music performance education
  • share knowledge through workshops, conferences, presentations, publications and online media
  • collaborate with existing projects on learning and teaching carried out by AEC member institutions
  • stimultate the development of new projects on learning and teaching in music performance education

A collaborative initiative

LATIMPE is made with support from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo through CEMPE (Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education and The Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) through the EU project Strengthening Music in Society.

AEC is a European cultural and educational network, which was established in 1953. It represents the interests of almost 300 institutions for higher music education in Europe and beyond.

CEMPE started in 2014, as one of in total eight Centers for Excellence in Norwegian higher education. As a Centre for Excellence, it aims to develop knowledge about learning and teaching in higher music education by initiating collaboration and through supporting projects that explore alternative methods of teaching and learning.

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